1. Check-in hostel takes place from 9:00 to 3:00 (MSK)

2. You should have a passport, driving license or other ID

3. Check-out time is not fixed within twenty-four hours of paid until Check-in next guests

4. It is forbidden to smoke in the hostel premises

5. All garbage that can burn dispose of in the boiler.Not burning trash is disposed of in the usual way.

6. Feed the cat is allowed only in a designated area (near the stove) in the allotted specifically for this dish

7. All items, furniture, cleaning products, cutlery, crockery, etc. not take from the original premises in which they are located.

8. Eating is allowed only in the kitchen. Be sure to wash their dishes

9. It is forbidden to change the consistency of the detergent direct physical impact or otherwise magically ways.

10. Careful with the property of the hostel and the other guests (in case of damage will be charged at the rate of compensation for the retail price)

11. Guests staying at the hostel for a long time, in case of default of payment for more than a week,may be involved in mandatory community service as compensation for the wait Payment (at the discretion of the administrator)

12. Observe personal hygiene. Every two or three weeks to change the bedroom set. Regularly take a shower, brush your teeth, shave your armpits

13. Turn off for a light, and do not forget to turn off for a household appliance

The gross and repeated breach of any of the rules points may be grounds for eviction
without a refund of money!