Here we are going to tell about our hostel. Where it is located, how and what for it was done, what its advantages etc. And what’s more important we are inviting you to be our guest. We are waiting for you… Hostel “Voronezh” – it’s a modern hostel of new type, where you can relax, take a rest or spend your vacation for miserable price (from 150 RUR/night to 350 RUR/night). Our address is Voronezh, Novikova street, building № 90. This is not near the central area of the city, but not a peripheral area, so it’s on the left shore of Voronezh River and the distance from center of the city is about 7 km. And relax – you can get to the hostel by bus from almost any part of the city. Just contact us for getting info personally.

Our hostel is in a large green area. There are a lot of tries and open grass sites. On the one hand “Yuzhniy” park is side by side to hostel, on the other – Voronezh River. Now we have 7 beds in one room on the second floor. On the first floor the kitchen, shower room and toilet is for you to use. Also the spacious patio which is prepared for campfires with fried sausages, beer and long interesting stories. There is a walking site behind this patio and don’t forget about “Yuzhniy” park which is in 800 meters from hostel and has their own entertainments to offer. In the case you are our quests you’ll get all advantages of comfortable living in a private house with cordial owners.